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29 January 2019


Presentation: Estructura de l’ecosistema

Dinàmica de l’ecosistema


Evoution and Genetics

13 January 2019


Presentation Genetics&Evolution


26 January 2017


Animal adptations for living in the desert

video: Adaptations for marine environment

Incendis forestals: Adaptar-se o morir

Friendly bacteria and antibiotics

3 March 2016


E. Coli Bacteria, Sem Photograph

In humans, the intestinal microbiota aids metabolic and immunological development among other functions. New research suggests that exposure to antibiotic drugs in early life may disrupt the gut microbiome, with potentially far-reaching consequences.

In the study, mice were given amoxicillin (a beta-lactam), tylosin (a macrolide) or alternating courses of the two antibiotics, at doses and frequencies representative of those used in young children. Significantly, antibiotic-treated mice gained more weight and developed larger bones compared with control mice. DNA sequencing revealed that antibiotics disrupted the gut microbiome in terms of composition, diversity and maturation rate; they also altered the relative numbers of microbial genes linked with specific metabolic functions.

“These observations raise the possibility that early-life antibiotic treatment may influence metabolic phenotypes in humans,” say the researchers in Nature Communications (online, 30 June 2015).


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20 February 2016


Sorry girls for the delay…Here the ppt about ecology

Ecosystem’s structure

Ecosystem’s dynamic





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