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Environmental Impacts

23 February 2018


The 1r Batxillerat CMC students made some amazing presentations to let other students from the School to know about environmental problems in the planet related to political, social and economical issues.

In the next links you have these presentations:

Pollution in Asian cities I

Pollution in Asian cities II

The RD Congo war and the coltan I

The RD Congo war and the coltan II

Environmental impact of coltan extranction in RD Congo

The climate change and the Artic

The climate change and the Polar bears

The Castor case

The Wolkswagen fraud I

The Wolkswagen fraud II

Plastics in the Ocean

Nuclear weapons

Txernobil 30 years later I

Txernobil 30 years later II

Palm oil: Heatlh risk and environmental problems

Oil spills




Climate change

14 December 2017


Next wednesday Desember 21st we are going to visit the exhibition “Després de la fi del món” (After the end of the world) at the CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona) with the students of 1rst Batxillerat and some of the 2n Batxillerat.

This is an exhibition about the planet in 2017, irreversibly transformed into the Anthropocene epoch after two centuries of human intervention in natural systems. But it is also an exhibition about how we will reach the world of the second half of the 21st century, and about the responsibility of our society towards the generations that will be born and grow there.

For more information about the exibitions click the next link:

CCCB, Després de la fi del món


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